What Do
We Do?

We provide professional portrait and reportage photography servcies for driven and ambitious people, new and well established businesses, enthusiastic and passionate brands, helping them to achieve their targets and goals.

Our Mission

To create outstanding recognisable images that provide value to people and brands.

Our Responsibilities

We value honesty, customer satisfaction and professionalism. We will make sure that our clients are heard and feel comfortable working with us.

Our Vision

We want everyone to not be afraid of showing real you and provide a value to others through unique personality and personal message.

“Being able to do what you love is a great luck“
Honoured to call myself a photographer!

Who is a photographer?

Alex Lyumin — is a professional London based photographer and retoucher, known for his modern and contemporary style of images.

He specializes in —portrait, wedding, lifestyle and reportage photography, individual and corporate photoshoots, commercial and advertising photosets for companies, brands and websites.

His works have participated in major world photography festivals and exhibitions.

As for a photographer, his goal — is to capture a photo, which will represent person’s personality and story in unique unrepeatable way.

Client and Publication list include: Wimbledon Championships, London Fashion Week, Photo Vogue, Oxford Knight, RocketSpace London and others.